factious, factitious, fractious
Factious means ‘characterized by faction or dissension’, as in factious quarrelling, whereas factitious means ‘contrived, artificial’, as in factitious reasoning; both words are related to Latin facere ‘to do’ but there is no overlap in meaning. Fractious has nothing to do with either but is sometimes confused with factious; it means ‘irritable, peevish’, as in a fractious child. In the following sentence factious is presumably the word intended:

• In this chapter we have traced the fractious history of relations between ethnic groups in America and the larger ‘races’ which encompass these —R. Singh, 2003.

Modern English usage. 2014.


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  • Factitious — Fac*ti tious, a. [L. factitius, fr. facere to make. See {Fact}, and cf. {Fetich}.] Made by art, in distinction from what is produced by nature; artificial; sham; contrived; formed by, or adapted to, an artificial or conventional, in distinction… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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